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I Crashed My Plane And Now I Need Surgery in Arizona February 28, 2016

I crashed my airplane

I guess in one point we can say we are the endangered species. But unlike those whooping cranes or the spotted owl, there are no legislators which can be enacted to save us as pilots. We pilots are rapidly varnishing off the radar screen, and that will be left is some old, what we had written, what we had recorded and may be fading photographs. Our voices will be silent forever and our experiences will be forever untold.

Two weeks ago I crashed my airplane in Arizona. That day I was weightless, thirty three thousand feet up in the cloudy sky. My plane had pitched into a steep dive. I felt my body was floating upwards and straining against my seat belt. I was screaming all over, they was a loud noise of coffee pot clattering the floor and tumbling down to the aisle. My flight the Thursday, was the mostly heavy set tourist returning home from Hawaii.

Weightless and staring downhill, I had a terrible and endless reminder of absurd improbability of flight. I was like a hairless ape backed in a tin hurtling through the clouds at a speed and height beyond anything the evolution prepared me to comprehend. This fight was over after a few minutes.

To avoid these plane crash accidents we must ensure that we check all the possible chances of plane crashes, here are some of thing you should do to ensure safety while flying

Do not fly lower than one thousand feet above the ground- this is for you to avoid trees, wires and more other ground obstacles.

Check with a personal risk analysis before every flight – before every flight you should check about the task risk, if they are worth taking then you can proceed with your flight.

Use your own personal safety checklist to make sure you are safe to fly – ensure you are not under any stress, medication, alcohol or hydration. I’ve flown dozens of times, but this time certain complications arose that I was not ready for. Fortunately, I lived through this experience except now I will have to get corrective nose surgery in arizona because my nose is broken in two different places. I didn’t think it was possible to break your nose in two different places but apparently it is and it is not very pleasant. I’ll save you the horror by refraining from uploading any images that are distasteful but you can my look at the results above. Fortunately, I have a buddy of mine who is a good surgeon in Phoenix, AZ and he will be correcting my nose.

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